• Dsc08137
  • Dsc08145
  • Dsc08162
  • Dsc08139
  • Dsc08170
  • Superior finishes
  • Traveling grind head with onboard
    operator cabin
  • Closed loop servo control
  • Constant load monitoring
  • Anti-pencilling feature
  • Wheel drop safety function
  • Auto wheel measurement
  • Constant surface speed
  • Controlled removal
  • Billets, blooms, rounds
  • Small slabs, large slabs
  • Load and unload tables
  • Swarf & Dust Systems
  • Turning Devices


Main Grinding Motor
Up to 250HP

Static Main Grinding Pressure
Up to 3000lbs (1361 Kg)

Grinding Wheel Size
24 or 25 inches x 3 or 4 inches (610 or 935mm x 76 or 101mm)

Grinding Wheel Surface Speed
Up to 24,000 SFPM (122m/sec)

Grinding Stand Traverse Speed
0-120 ft/min (36.5m/min)

Grind Stand Drive
Electric Servo Motor

Grinding Head Position
90 degrees to 45 degrees

Sequence Control
PLC ( Programmable Logic Controller)

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