• Gantry Batch Saw
  • Dsc00464
  • Dsc00501
  • Dsc06810
  • Dsc02194

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  • Automatic blade measurement
  • Constant load monitoring
  • Constant pressure monitoring
  • Constant surface speed
  • No material deformation
  • Increased blade life
  • Better yield loss
  • Less cost per cut
  • Hot and Cold material cutting
  • Single or batch cutting
  • Swarf Collection Systems
  • Dust Collection Systems
  • Material measuring
  • Rotating Modules for cutting large diameter materials
  • Complete material handling systems


Bar Section (Single cut or multiple cut) 
Up to 20 inches single cut (508mm)
Up to 60 inches batch cut (1524mm)

Wheel Diameter
Up to 80 inches (2032mm)

Surface Speed of Wheel
Up to 24,000 SFPM (37m square/second)

Cutting Speed (average, depending on material)
Up to 3.0 inches square/second (19 cm square/second)

Feed Rate Control
Adaptive servo controlled with closed loop feedback

Cutting Temperature
Ambient to 1800 degrees F (ambient to 1000 degrees C)

Batch Width 
Up to 60 inches (1524mm)

Motor Power 
(with automatic RPM regulation) Up to 600 HP/ A/C VF (368KW)

Sequence Control
PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

Saw Blade Speed Control
With automatic wheel-diameter-measuring; speed up control by PLC and A/C VF motor drive

Customer Story of



Coal Center, PA

The company produces titanium wire, shapes, medical devices and finished bar for the Aerospace, Medical, Consumer, Infrastructure.


CAH-1380/500HP Saw

500HP, 54” OD wheel, cutting material up to 10” square, material temperatures up to 1800°F. Included a 15,000CFM Cartridge Style dust collection system with fire suppressant system provide by QDI.



In-line with a reversing rolling mill.



This saw is located at their titanium melt facility. The saw is cutting the billets and ingots to lengths required for further downline processing. This was a new facility for the customer. Prior to this new facility the customer was sourcing their titanium bar. This new facility allowed them to product their own titanium bar to help drive their business as a vertically integrated supplier. The abrasive saw allowed the customer to cut their material in a fast, efficient manner completely in line with their production line. The customer later purchased a smaller saw for further up line finishing on their smaller reversing rolling mill.