Centro-Metalcut designs and builds heavy-duty abrasive cutoff saws for the steel industry capable of cutting a variety of materials in single or batch quantities. All of our machines are built from the ground up and are made to bring you a continuous ROI that lasts for years down the road.

By combining the latest technologies with rugged reliability and longevity, we have abrasive saws that have been in operation in steel mills for over 25 years. With our rigid machine designs, you are assured to receive an end product that surpasses any expected level of quality.

In our tradition of innovation, we implement constant load monitoring technology which offers benefits such as constant surface speed while cutting, increased quality of the end product, increased abrasive wheel life, less conditioning of the metal after the cut, fast and compact design, better yield loss and more. Learn more about the different types of saws we have to offer; Dry Cutting Gantry Saws, Dry Cutting Pivot Saws, Wet Cutting Saws, Abrasive Lab Saws.

We can design abrasive saws and batch cutting saws to fit most any application. Contact us to learn more about this particular product line.