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  • Automatic blade measurement
  • Constant load monitoring
  • Constant pressure monitoring
  • Constant surface speed
  • T-Slot Fixture Table
  • Variety of material shapes & sizes
  • Fully enclosed
  • No material deformation
  • Increased blade life
  • Better yield loss
  • Less cost per cut
  • Hot or cold cutting
  • Single or multiple piece cutting
  • Coolant & mist collection systems


Material Section
Up to 24 inches (610mm)

Wheel Diameter
Up to 34 inches (863mm)

Surface Speed of Wheel
up to 20,000 SFPM (100 m/second)

Cutting Speed (average, depending on material)
Up to 1.5 inches square/second (9.6 cm square/second)

Feed Rate Control
Adaptive servo controlled with closed loop feedback

Motor Power (with automatic RPM regulation)
Up to 75 HP/ A/C VF (55KW)

Sequence Control 
PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

Saw Blade Speed Control
With automatic wheel-diameter-measuring; speed up control by PLC and A/C VF motor drive

Customer Story of



Tanner, AL

The company produces High temperature alloys, stainless and titanium products.


CAW 860/75HP Saw

Cuts 20”x20” sample pieces. 75HP, 34” cutoff wheel, wet saw, coolant filtration system, mist collection system.


T-Slot Table

The saw is fully enclosed to capture the coolant and mist for a very clean working environment.



The saw is in the metallurgical lab and is used to cut test pieces of material from the mill into various sized pieces for their metallurgical test requirements. This was a new mill and they wanted a clean, efficient solution to cut material in their test facilities. The wet saw allows the customer to cut these sample/test pieces without the concern of adding any additional heat to the material which is critical to achieve the exact metallurgical qualities they are testing for. This is the second wet saw this customer has purchased for their metallurgical labs. The saws t-slot table offers a wide range of cutting flexibility.