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  • Conditioning Grinder2
  • Dsc00584

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  • Superior finishes
  • Overhead gantry design
  • Closed loop servo control
  • Constant load monitoring
  • Anti-pencilling feature
  • Wheel drop safety function
  • Auto-wheel measurement
  • Constant surface speed
  • Controlled removal
  • Billets, blooms, rounds
  • Small slabs, large slabs
  • Load and unload tables
  • Automatic Material Manipulators
  • Edge grinders
  • Swarf & Dust Collection Systems
  • Complete machine enclosures


Main Grinding Motor
Up to 400 HP (294KW)

Edge Grinding Motor
Up to 200 HP (147KW)

Static Main Grinding Pressure
0-6, 600lbs (2,993Kg)

Main Grinding Wheel Size
24 or 25 inches x 3 or 4 inches (610 or 635mm x 76 or 101mm)

Edge Grinding Wheel Size
24 inches x 3-2 inches (609mm x 50-76mm)

Grinding Wheel Surface Speed
Up to 24,000 SFPM (122m/sec)

Grinding Table Speed
0-300 ft/min (91m/min)

Grinding Table Drive
Electric Servo Motor

Grinding Head Position
90 degrees to 45 degrees

Sequence Control
PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

Customer Story of



Monroe, NC

The company produces Forged High Alloys products for the aerospace, defense, oil & gas, chemical processing, electrical energy, automotive & transportation, construction & mining, electronics & communications, food equipment & appliances and medical markets.


CMI 2000/965R, 45/90

Grinds Titanium and Nickel Based super alloys. Sizes 6-38” dia rounds up to 245” long. Slabs 5-28” thick x 30-58” wide x 70-248” long. Temperatures up to 2000°F. Max material weight of 40,000 lbs. 400HP, 25” x 4” grinding wheel.


Grinds at 45° or 90° orientation

The material range was very vast, including grinding both rounds and slabs. The machine had to be designed to be completely set on mill level (no pits) and be no taller than 20’ to fit under their overhead crane. Automatic round material loading and unloading tables.



The range of material sizes, using two different in-line grinding cars (rounds car and slab car), on car automatic slab turning. The customer is grinding the material at various stages of their process. The material is being ground prior to being forged and after being forged so it could be finished further down line. The customer’s increased demand required them to need a new grinder. Their existing grinder was limited on capabilities and did not offer the ability to grind both rounds or slabs and did not have automatic onboard slab turning. This machines offered significant benefits in product through put and time with decreased material handling times.This machine was very impressive in size and complete capabilities!

We can design conditioning grinders to fit most any application. Contact us to learn more about this particular product line.